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Who We are

We are a member of Lootah Holding and affiliated with a diverse set of businesses and institutions in the UAE. Lootah Healthcare Solutions delivers high quality health solutions to ensure the protection of businesses and individuals alike. We are driven to ensure all communities can live and prosper in a health-conscious and safe manner. Our wide range of products cater to all and include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizing and disinfecting products, thermometers, thermal scanners and complete sanitization gates.

Your health and safety is our priority and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.
Lootah group believes in a global outlook with a deeply-rooted heritage.
We source our products with utmost care from the most trusted manufacturers.
Our entire range of high quality products have been approved by the DHA.
We are committed to our customers, healthcare community and our employees.

Our Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Electronic Hand-held Devices

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Products

Smart Sanitizing Channels


Thermal Scanners

Affiliated Companies


Send us an enquiry and we will contact you with more information on products and services.
Contact us
Contact us
Contact Person : Mr. Mundhir Al Hakkim
Phone: +971 56 139 0269
Email: info@lootahhealthcare.com
SSL General Trading LLC is a company registered with the Dubai Economic Department trading under the name of Lootah Healthcare Solutions.